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Buying – Get started

Learn how to start buying off-market properties on Trelly

Offering on Properties 

Everyone wants to find their next investment property, but only at the right price. Please keep in mind that each offer made on Trelly is a binding contract to buy the property if the offer is accepted by the seller. 

We put together some guidelines and recommendations to potentially help maximize the chances of an offer being selected by the seller: 

  1. Off-market: This is an off-market transaction. All offers are final, no further inspections will be allowed unless directed by the seller/supplier. 
  2. Contacting: Please do not approach the property or contact the homeowner without approval or the presence of the seller/supplier. We value our investors’ privacy and violations of this term will result in revoked access to our platform.
  3. Communication: Please do not discuss offers or numbers outside the Trelly platform.
  4. Fees: Investors/buyers are responsible for all closing costs and fees. This includes buyer and seller escrow fees.
  5. Offers: Be aware that offers submitted below the starting price will most likely be rejected.

How to determine what to offer

Analyze the deal. Make sure to evaluate the deal, run numbers, pull comps, and do due diligence. This will help to understand what should actually be paid for the property.

What to know if an offer gets accepted

If an offer gets accepted, the winning buyer will receive an email as well as a notification inside the app. The buyer must be ready to take action. 

What sellers want to know

Sellers want to sell their property. So that means, no tire kickers. If submitting an offer, please be ready to execute. Buyers will need to communicate about specific details about the sale of the property, such as: 

  • Requesting deposit information
  • Selecting title/escrow company if necessary 
  • Documents required for closing, including any lending requirements
  • Any relevant timelines for closing

Purchasing process

  1. Offers are non-contingent. No inspection period will be allowed unless otherwise stated by the seller. Property is bought as-is where-is.
  2. If an offer is accepted, the buyer will communicate with the seller on the Trelly platform to exchange contact information for deposit, contract, and title communication. 
  3. A non-refundable deposit will be due on most properties, or the seller can go to the next highest offer. Contracts are not assignable, and all sales are final.


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