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Selling a property

You can sell a property from the app by tapping on the menu and selecting Sell a property. You can sell a new property or continue creating an existing draft from this screen.

Trelly will ask you for some information about your property such as the address, basic facts and features, images, pricing information, and critical dates. You can also provide optional information such as a video or documents.

Once you create your property, Trelly will ask you to preview it before being visible to other users. If you want to make changes, you can tap Edit on the property’s screen or in the property card.

If you’re ready to accept offers, tap on the Publish button on the property screen or in the property card and confirm that you want to publish the property. Note that after a property is published, some fields such as the sale end date will be restricted or unmodifiable. Make sure these are correct before publishing your property.

Once your property is published, buyers who are interested in the property will be notified, and you may start to receive offers.

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