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Use notifications

Notification settings can be modified by tapping on the menu and selecting Notifications. There are several types of notifications that Trelly sends, defined below.

Notification method

Trelly provides two ways to receive notifications, push and email. Push notifications are sent directly to your device and email notifications are sent to the email address in your profile.

If you need to change your email address, see Edit your profile.

If you’re not receiving notifications, check the Trelly app’s system notification settings on your Android or iOS device.

Saved searches

Saved search notifications are sent when you save a search and turn notifications on for that saved search. Trelly will notify you when a new property is published matching that search.

Recommended properties

Trelly will recommend properties to you based on your data and usage in the app. If you no longer wish to receive property recommendations, you can turn this off.


If offer notifications are on, Trelly will notify you if you’re a buyer and your offer was accepted or rejected, or if you’re a seller and you received a new offer.


If you receive a message from another user, Trelly will send you a notification with a preview of the message. Note that conversation notifications are only sent as push notifications.


Trelly will notify you about promotions from time to time. Use this section to tell Trelly the types of promotions and mediums you want to be notified on. 

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